Tunnel Vision Wave Park will be the first wave park developed by parent company Tunnel Vision Holdings Pty Ltd, the Australian licence holder of Webber Wave Pools technology.

Our strategic partner, Webber Wave Pools has evolved its core wave making system over 10+ years to adapt to a growing industry focused on providing a commercially successful wave pool. Greg Webber has spent over 30 years in the surf industry and over 10 years refining wave pool technology with thousands of field tests and in-depth laboratory testing by the University of Tasmania.

The pioneer’s latest pool configuration uses the well proven wave making principles derived over a decade of experimentation, analysis and refinement.  WWP applies these principles to pool gradients to offer the world’s highest quality artificial waves.

Tunnel Vision Wave Park and Webber Wave Pools both focus on the pursuit of stoke and it is for this reason we have chosen to team with a like-minded pioneer such as Greg Webber.