A few of the office crew couldn’t keep a secret to save themselves and managed to let it slip.  And with something this epic, why would you keep it on the quiet?  Plus we’re building the Tunnel Vision Wave Park for all surfers so there is no point keeping secrets from you.

You’ve probably heard that the location is a stone’s throw from the M1 between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Australia – and you’d be correct.

Tunnel Vision Wave Park will be located only 30 minutes south of Brisbane International Airport and just 50 minutes north of the Gold Coast Airport.

We are in the process of applying for Development Approval with the local council and because they are a rad bunch of people we’re making sure all of our applications are as tight as last year’s wetsuit.

Following this, we’ll break out the tools and get cracking on the build followed by testing and adjusting pre-launch. It’s a little more tricky than that massive lego set you had to put together last christmas for your needy little nephew, but we’ll get there.

You’ll see it all happening in front of you. The build, the testing, some more testing and then the finished product.

So register now and we’ll keep you up-to-date as we make the Tunnel Vision Wave Park a reality.