The lake is approximately 300m long and 150m wide. The racetrack designs allows for both left and right hand breaks to run simultaneously on either side before eventually turning into beginner waves at the end for all the foamie start ups.
Yes. The park will plenty of large change rooms to try and fit yourself into your boardies or wetsuit. No more awkward carpark changes in a towel.
Sure is. Plenty of space to park your whip so you won't be driving around the beach carpark asking everyone 'are you leaving mate?'. We've all been there. #everypointbreak
Nope. We'll have surf coaches for you to learn how surf at the end of the pool. If you're keen to hit the 2m waves then we suggest you have a few sessions under your belt and increase your confidence first for your safety, and your ego.
We have a few ideas being thrown around on what a single session will cost. We will be getting feedback from Tunnel Vision members in the near future. Register now to have your say and secure your spot when the bookings go live.
Definitely. What is an epic session without a great feed after it? You'll be working up a hunger so stumble up to the onsite surf club and they'll hook you up with some good food while you boast to all our mates about that wave.
Yes. We will be teaming up with some of the best shapers to have a stack of demo boards available to hire and purchase if you find 'The One'.
Besides that fact it'll be an epic experience? It will deliver a ride over 20 seconds in length, a left and right break and a mental barrel section. Check The Wave page for all the info.
We are working with Australia's best engineering firms, architects and developers to make sure that we undertake all efforts to make the park sustainable. This includes working with the experts and officials to manage water and energy consumption with officials and private contractors.
The health and safety of our Tunnel Vision Wave Park members is our number one priority we will ensure we build the park in accordance with Australian legislations. Rest assured we will have the best safety procedures and life guards on duty all day to make sure you're comfortable. You'll be safer then that chubby little tourist on Bondi Beach in the peak of summer.