You know that movie with Kevin Costner where he turns a field of corn into a baseball field for a bunch of dead guys?  Thats like us, except we don’t know anything about farming or baseball… But we do know engineering and how to make epic waves.

Our tunnel vision is to be the world’s leading providers of perfect waves; enabling participation and empowering the progression of surfing and stoke.

We’re building, a wave park for every surfer that has been left with the image of the perfect barrel burnt into the temporal lobe of their brain.  For the grommie wanting to stomp that first air, the old bloke wanting to relive that perfect 15-20 second wave he had before ‘that point break’ became soooo damn crowded, and everyone in between.  

Introducing Tunnel Vision – The result of over 10+ years in research into wave pool technology combined with the experience of Australia’s best engineering firms, universities and developers. We are set to be the leader in wave park systems with the Australian licence to Webber Wave Pool technology.

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